Plants and HRVue

First, thanks for reading this blog. I sincerely hope you come back.

You may wonder why plants and HR. HRVue is a dream of mine since a little girl that I would one day own my very own business and I would grow something. I love plants, trees, flowers, anything that grows from God’s green earth, basically.

One mentor from way back used to say, Julie – I always tell the new employees who join our firm, “bloom where you are planted.” That saying stuck with me for the rest of my career. It meant so much to me, to do a good job everyday, dress for the job you wanted, and always have a good attitude. I have told many many employees that story. It’s about take a breath. Hang in there. Do You. Do exactly what you did to get the job and prove YOURSELF in THAT job. That job that you interviewed for — not the job you hope to one day land.

People are watching. Don’t fool yourself. People are watching.

Plants and People. What a cool match.

Have a great week!