I met my Best Friend’s Best Friend this weekend

Written by Julie Shaw

July 23, 2019

But before that incredible story, I thank you for indulging me.

This really is about Best Friends. 

If you look up the word BEST, it’s of German origin, and serves as an adjective, adverb, noun and verb.  Meanings include: Top, Foremost, Leading and Premier! (wow) 

We all want to be the B E S T, right?  I have always wanted these things or at least strive for the best, right? 

Girls and Women are funny about this title B E S T.

There are over 924,000,000 results on Google for Best Friend Quotes. 

This is a thing. There is a status and hierarchy. 

I guess as little girls we were taught to navigate to that pinnacle…to have that one confidant, have that secret-keeper and lifelong buddy, the yin to your yang.

My best friend from high school to today is Randi Cranfield Amaro.  We have history. Heck, if you are over 30,40, 50++++ You may have many best friends and lots of history, I do hope. 

Ok, I know I have friends. I have a few best friends, at least 3 or 4 – that I have defined by those characteristics of strength that will find ME in a hurricane, would meet ME at the hospital anywhere or those I can call to pray with ME at 3am. I am just as devoted to these amazing ladies where I will fly to be by their side in a moment’s notice. Believe you me.   I digress.

Randi and I … We’ve been friends forever, but we took different paths after high school, never living in same state, or syncing our relationships or having children at the same age. You know, those life-things that many think strengthen friendships or solidify connections.  Well, we are here to tell you they don’t. 

Pivoting…(I cannot type that word without laughing!) 

In traditional weddings, there is this hierarchy of status. You have the Maid of Honor (best friend or sister) and the Matron of Honor (married best friend or sister).  At least this is how I played Barbies…. 

Randi was my maid of honor, but by the time she got married many years later, my girls were in her intimate nuptials on the water. 

She moved home, I moved away. Still my best friend.  She had kids while mine nannied.  She certainly is always in my heart. 

Flash to last week…

I get a text from Jennifer.  Jennifer? Oh – Her other best friend.  This beautiful person from sunny Phoenix I see on Insta and FaceBook?   She was coming to Seattle and we should get together.

Yes! We should! Of-course. I planned a nice evening and made reservations.

There she was, Jennifer. 

She couldn’t have been more lovely and funny and completely more like ME than OUR Best Friend. 

In this abstract crazy way, WE are so similar. Makes sense doesn’t it? Our friend navigated to similar people and personalities. 

We certainly felt like we knew each other – living through another person sharing stories.

We are both mothers to adult daughters. 

We have both been divorced. 

We are both successful and driven in our careers.

Geez – We look alike.  

IT was  c r a z y and familiar and warm and loving. It was a slice of home and of different places I have never seen.  It was real and we were making plans. 

ALL because of our best friend, the vessel. 

I share this on many levels.  I surprised myself at being so open.   I am going to Phoenix, learning, laughing and growing. 

I share this because you have a best friend of a best friend of a friend or relative. 

Connect with those people. They are more like you than you know. You have more people out there and isn’t that a good feeling? 

Pick up the phone, send an email or text, if you are going to be somewhere – in another city, where you know a friend of a friend, a friend of a relative.  Just do it.

Grow YOUR people. GROW YOUR BEST PEOPLE. Connect in a warm and intentional way. Welcome with open arms.  Introduce your community.

You will be forever blessed. 

Grow. Connect. Build. Repeat. 

(Do you remember the awesome scene in Bridesmaids where manic Kristen Wiig struggles with the mic from Rose Byrne’s perfect Lillian?  Too funny – thought of this today and thankful I never had to struggle the mic from Jennifer! LOL) 

And it wasn’t even like that. 



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