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I have counseled with Julie on several occasions regarding equality fundamentals. Julie is a dedicated advocate for equality and social justice issues. Julie brings knowledge and professionalism to the table every time, and certainly has a passion for helping people. Our discussions have been extremely helpful in recognizing the need for transitions and determining forward movements in my career. I highly recommend Julie and HRVue for all your career support needs!
Joanna Boatwright

Aerospace Professional

Julie is one-of-a-kind in her skill, knowledge and ability to bring about positive change. She is exceptionally devoted to the HR community and provides countless hours helping to mentor and develop future HR Leaders. She is also an avid believer in diversity in the work place. She does not see color and works hard to make sure every person gets fair treatment. I absolutely love that about her. Her expertise and support have proven invaluable. I would strongly recommend her new company, HRVue!
Linda Brevard

EDI Leader, Global Retailer

I have worked with Julie Shaw at 2 companies and she continued to be the consummate professional, avid learner and always ready to meet the next challenge in Human Resources. She was able to recruit top talent, provide employees of the organization with exceptional help. Julie was not only skilled, but learning how to help manage compensation, benefits, recognition, training and performance management. We worked together at a multi-national company and she was very proficient in federal, state and local regulations and worked to become knowledgeable on Canadian and German regulations and helped provide strategic direction on Human Resource matters. Julie is a proven professional and I highly recommend her for helping meet any Human Resource needs.
Don Rothwell

Licensing Guru, AALMG