Our Services

Employee Relations

After 25 great years working with teams, listening and authenticity is a must. Employees that truly WANT to come to work every day is critical in organizational energy and outcome! We can help you improve Employee Satisfaction – if you are ready! From conflicts, investigations to unhappy workers, we help PEOPLE. Most often communication, or lack thereof is the bottom-line issue. We help YOU problem-solve for win-win solutions.


Whether developing your recruiting strategy for success, or walking your leadership team (or department team) through strategic planning in a Vision Workshop, we are big-picture driven. We then help you connect the dots for best workplaces!


When was the last time you were formally trained on Workplace Respect ? This is the topic of the year! We offer a 1.5 hour interactive, entertaining (not-dull) class for your team. We travel and train! Other topics include Leadership, Feedback, First-time Manager, etc. We can also develop training based on your most needed industry or topical need. Your employees will appreciate you! Let them GROW their minds….yes, that is considered professional growth.

HR Compliance

Make sure your company is 1. paying people correctly, and 2. maintaining regulatory compliance. Those are the most critical musts. Failing to do so could cost your company $$$. We are well versed in all-state law that drives your employment laws and governmental requirements. We can conduct a 1-2 day audit, or visit branch sites promoting new initiatives. The On-Call Advisor Option is a monthly retainer for small companies or non-profits that can’t afford or need a full time HR slot.

Project Management

Yes and everything in between! We stay ahead of the curve on trends and topics surrounding the workplace. What topic do you need help with? These are typically projects that have a start and stop. An HRIS implementation, benefit design/execution, surveys, compensation study, etc. are examples of items we cover.

Individual Coaching

What is stopping you, or in your way to achieve your professional goals or dream career? We work with you and coach for that next role, next salary negotiation, next promotion! Job Seeker? We can help you secure the career you really want and earn what is right, based on market, experience and education. We pride ourselves on championing YOU! One hour, or one hour per week you decide after our free consult. Discount given if you are unemployed.