Written by Julie Shaw

November 8, 2018


About 15 years ago I was trying to hold my own in a double’s women’s tennis league. It was an intense league. It was the kind of league where if you were 2 minutes late you got the once-over. Oh wow – if I had to miss a Sunday, I would break out in a cold sweat. Your substitute better arrive in your place and on time.

My dear 80-year-old partner, I was 35…yes, she was 80, whose name was Judy Ashe, hey before you judge me or Judy – she had one hell of a lob. OMG it went up for miles. You could have a sandwich before that ball came down.

Anyway, she told me after a few of my balls slammed into the net and I kept whispering “I’m sorry” to her… ”Honey, there are no sorrys in tennis!”

Isn’t it funny how such a small piece of advice can be so prolific? I have thought about that hot Sunday afternoon so many times…trying to keep up with my senior ladies and having a ball. ????

How often do we think we are appeasing ourselves and other people to take what we think is the higher road or “wipe the slate clean?” I was sincerely sorry – but why focus on the bad and not immediately move on? Shake it off! The next ball is coming! Walk with confidence GIRL and just kill it on the next serve!

I mean I just always thought it was the nice thing to do. I was raised to take ownership for your mistakes.


Judy said – we are all going to make mistakes and we all can’t be out here apologizing!

Flash forward to yesterday. I am in a meeting, a pitch, as I call them. (my definition is where I literally pitch to companies where I am trying to sell myself. My company. My Brand. Me.)
It went really well. Then…

I apologized for talking too much at the end. (urgh)

On the way back to the car, Mrs. Judy Ashe was in my ear saying – “Julie! No sorrys in tennis.”
Heck! Shake that shit off! THIS IS ME and I had an hour. I used the hour for my pitch. It was a conversation. They asked questions. Why doubt anything??

Moving on….Next…

My people…Spend your mental time and brain power focusing on the NEXT…. the next shot, the next time I talk to this company…the next BIG thing.

Don’t beat yourself up over the little things. Just remember Mrs. Judy.

XO Julie

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  1. Deena

    Julie-this is so spot on! I loved it!
    Not sorry!

  2. Ginny

    Love you my sista!