No one told me…

Written by Julie Shaw

November 5, 2018

And just when I thought my heart couldn’t get any bigger or love anyone or anything more than I already do.  And then, this past wedding weekend happened.

At 22, I was the first of my friend-group to get married have a baby and the last to graduate from college. True Trailblazer here people!! It hasn’t always been easy, but its been a great life.

Fast forward 27 years…and

No one told me what it was like to have a daughter marry the love of her life.

No one told me the huge amount of love that poured into my heart on Saturday, 11/3/18. Letting it absorb and reflect on during the crowded flight from Charlotte to Seattle.

I saw my girl at her happiest. Dancing and twirling, kicking her shoes off after the first dance. Confidently projecting her “I will” and “We will” in her vows. Literally holding him in her eyes in front of all her people the entire time with sparkling eyes and a radiating smile. Wow.

We saw a love that can sustain the most difficult of circumstances, and win. True love takes work. True love takes dedication and determination.

We gained family. We gained a son. I have always wanted a son. He adores my girl.  Our gift add-on are her in-laws and huge family that welcomed her and stood by her for over 8 years, even at her worst. They love her younger sister and have this unconditional warmth where they feed your soul and make you believe good people really do exist.

We reunited and made friends. It’s true what they say, “you get by with a little help from your friends” well, I personally get by with A LOT of help from my few dear friends and you know who you are. Saying thank you doesn’t seem to touch my appreciation.

We made friends with the now married couple’s friends and work families – WOW! We feel so blessed they make good choices – and they resonate their support of our kids. How cool to spend time with friends that have been their chosen family. We live so far away.  Living a true authentic life takes a village.

We reunited with family. Family is everything. My heart and soul. I saw my 83-year-old mother dance like she was 30. I flashed back to when my daughters were growing up and my mother, always OUR biggest supporter. Always our biggest champion….Me and two girls. Seeing my three siblings and my nieces, grown women themselves and seeing the maturity and so proud of the helping women they have become. Loving on my new niece, Leilani – spending time, spoiling her and just soaking her in. My nephew, the most smart and handsome nephew I have ever had.  Getting that reminded boost that we really are more alike than different and how much laughter fills the room… our wacky fun and LOUD family.

I thank the vendors and every hand that helped pull this amazing weekend off.  We worked so hard and it was the most beautiful union we have ever been so grateful to witness.  More shout outs on this soon!

Prayers for Lindsay and Joseph (Joey) Brown that they continue to love and cherish each other and remember its the little things, and to listen. Always listen.

Love you. The MOB XOXO

ps. now back to work in Seattle. My bank account needs a big boost! 🙂

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