Julie Shaw; HRVue’s CEO and Owner

Julie’s experience working in HR on both US coasts, has only broadened her work portfolio and strengthened her national and international HR knowledge. She works anywhere- and will travel to meet clients’ needs.

Julie has demonstrated tremendous success in recruiting the right employees for the right roles in the right time-frame. But her expertise extends beyond recruitment and high retention rates. Whether building your recruiting strategy to knowing HR employment law, she stays current on trends and topics that impact you or your workforce. Educating today’s workforce for today’s issues is not only critical. It is your responsibility.

“We can’t assume people come into a new work environment understanding acceptable workplace behavior and norms. That education starts on the very first day of employment – the most critical day in their employment life-cycle in your company – so make it a good one!”

Julie has experience working with all ages – understands millennials and what resonates with them in the workplace. She believes firmly that the next generation holds our future, and Senior professionals are our most untapped resource in the workplace.